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Ladybug Scavenger Hunt

Clue #1

We thank you for staying with us and enjoying this hunt! Make sure you have your map from check in. It will help you find your way. Start by the restrooms and look for the Ladybug Hunt sign. Find the 12 painted rock ladybugs hidden in our park. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OR REMOVE ANY LADYBUGS!


This little bear will get you started. Take a look here and find its Ladybug!


Clue #2

Around the building you will see the BIG tree. Somewhere near the mural is Ladybug # 2 (remember I’m a rock)!


Clue #3

Walk East for Ladybug #3. Let’s go and explore! Down in the garden so fair, is a quiet place to sit and rest. You’ll find me there!


Clue #4

As you walk past the garden you will find yourself on the secret garden path. Follow this to find me. Am I on the right or left?


Clue #5

Continue until you cross the stream. Now head south. Don’t get “stumped” by ladybug #5!


Clue #6

Find the sign you saw when you drove in. It's big and teal-colored! Have no fear. Find me on flowers that are “growing” out here.


Clue #7

It’s time for a hike! Head to the far northwest corner of the park. There you’ll see beautiful Trout Creek running so free. As it leaves the property is my huge tree, a home for me!


Clue #8

Isn’t that a beautiful pond? You should take a seat and enjoy the little waterfall.


Clue #9

Take a stroll across the bridge to Memory Falls. Enjoy the view of the stream and park from the seats. I’m nearby.


Clue #10

Now cross a bridge and walk to the southeast corner of this yard.  Find me on one of the big trees!


Clue #11

I like roasted hot dog and smores! They’re my favorites! Find me where I’ll be toasty warm by firelight at night.


Clue #12

Now just one more! You’ve done a great job! To finish the hunt, come seek me out up the ramp to the office and store. I’m the smallest of the ladybug family!


Now that you’re done choose a gift (one per family) from the glass jar. Thank you for playing our Ladybug Scavenger Hunt! Make it a great rest of your day!


Finish your day off with a drink or a snack from our store. We also have ladybug items for sale.
Oh, and don't forget ice cream!!! Ring the bell and we’ll come running to help you.



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